This course brings you to the highest level of professionalism. You will be ready to share your knowledge with students and continuously improve your pilot and instructor skills in the professional background. It is not only the training, but it is also an additional aviation profession!


PART I – Teaching and learning training
PART II – Improvement of theoretical knowledge
PART III – Theoretical knowledge testing


Flight training exercises – DAY (30 hours)
Flight training exercises – NIGHT (1 hour)


The candidate sits in the usual position of the instructor. The examiner is a “student”. The candidate must explain the directly related exercises and demonstrate the appropriate actions to the “student”…


The teaching and Learning course is included in our Flight Instructor training program and is provided by our partners – NaviMinds! This part of theoretical knowledge training is designed to develop course participants’ competencies as instructors with a focus on the learning process and teaching and feedback techniques in the classroom, simulator, and real aircraft environments.

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Anne Sølvsteen

  • CRM and Human Factors trainer
  • Former Captain Boeing 737
  • Former Deputy Safety Officer
  • Chief of Human Factors
  • Cert. Life and Business Coach
  • Human Factors Specialist
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a medical certificate of the relevant class
  • Hold a valid CPL (A) or ATP (A) license, or
  • A valid PPL (A) license and:
    • Have completed a CPL theory course, unless the FI(A) is provided only the training required for the LAPL (A), and
    • Have at least 200 hours of flight experience on an aircraft or TMG, of which at least 150 hours as a pilot in command.
  • A pilot of the relevant class or type of aircraft on which he intends to fly must have completed at least 15 hours of flight time, on that class of type aircraft.
  • Have at least 10 hours of basic instrument flight time experience on an appropriate category of aircraft.
  • Have at least 20 hours of cross-country flight experience as the pilot in command in the relevant category of aircraft (the length of at least one route must no less than 540 km (300 nautical miles), including complete stopovers at 2 different aerodromes).
  • To complete a minimum of 5 hours on SEP-class aircraft and pass a specific pre-entry flight test with an FI qualified within the 6 months preceding the start of the course to assess their ability to undertake the course. This pre-entry flight test shall be based on the proficiency check for class and type ratings.