The privacy policy set below (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) regulates processing of personal data when visiting the website of Aeroidėja MB (hereinafter referred to as the Company): (hereinafter referred to as the Website) or using services provided by the Company.

Please, read this Policy carefully and familiarise yourself with all the provisions of the Policy.

The Company guarantees privacy of its clients, potential clients and other natural persons, whose data the Company processes, and confidentiality of processed data. Personal data shall mean any information about a natural person, whose identity is established or can be established (data subject).

The Company is free to amend the present Policy. If the Policy is amended, its latest version is published on the Website. We recommend you, from time to time, to check if the Policy has not been amended.

Why and what for we collect your data

The Company collects your personal data directly from you (data subject) when you provide them to the Company while visiting the Website, ordering services provided by the Company and/or communicating with a representative of the Company.

You have no obligation to provide your personal data to the Company, however, if you decide not to do so, it may happen that we will not be able to provide services to you. Personal data processing is necessary for entering into and implementing an agreement with you or with your represented company and/or answering your inquiries.

The Company will process your personal data, provided the appropriate legal basis is present. It means that processing is necessary for entering into and/or implementing an agreement with you or with your represented company or carrying out actions prior to signing an agreement. Besides, personal data can be processed in the legitimate interest of the Company or with your consent.

Personal data shall be processed exclusively for the period needed for achieving the set goals, for which they were collected. When the Company processes personal data under legal obligations applied to it, personal data shall be processed exclusively to the extent and within the terms established in the legislation applicable to the Company.

Transmission or personal data to third parties

The Company exerts measures necessary and established in legislation to ensure protection of your personal data and the right to privacy. Personal data shall be transmitted exclusively to the extent needed for provision of services to you or your represented company.

The Company also uses services of certain third parties (providers of IT services, server, companies providing bookkeeping services, etc.). The Company must disclose your personal data to service providers, so that third parties would be able to provide their services. Personal data is disclosed to the above-mentioned third parties to the minimum extent required for provision of services by third parties.

When transmitting data outside the EU, EEA, the Company can follow the adequacy decision of the European Commission (provided according to the decision of the European Commission adequate level of data protection is ensured in a specific country, in which the data recipient is established and/or carries out activity). Besides, alternative data transmission mechanisms can be used, e.g. appropriate protection measures ensuring adequate personal data protection according to the legislation regulating personal data protection are established – standard clauses of an agreement established in the legislation on personal data protection are signed.


Cookies saved in your device browser are used on the Website. The purpose of the cookies used is to improve functionality of the website, not to identify specific persons. Cookies help to see which information is most interesting for website visitors, to obtain information about total time spent on the website, number and diversity of visitors. The following cookies are used on the data controller’s website:

Name Purpose of use Cookies description
Google Analytics Google Analytics statistics cookie is used to distinguish unique users of the website. Read more about Google Analytics cookie here.
Hotjar This cookie is used to track and record clicks, taps and scrolling behavior on our website. Read more about Hotjar cookie here.
PHPSESSID This cookie is used to establish a user session and to pass state data via a temporary cookie,

Cookies that are necessary for ensuring functionality of the Website are necessary, therefore your consent to their collection is not required. All other users are processed with the consent of a data subject.


You can contact the Company by filling in a contact form.

In order to answer an inquiry, the Company processes the forename, surname, electronic mail address of the inquiry sending person, date and time of inquiry receipt, and other information contained in the inquiry.

Personal data received with an inquiry will be processed to the extent required for answering the inquiry or completing a specific task.

Direct marketing

To inform legal entities or persons about services provided, the Company sends information notices by email.

Emails will be sent exclusively with consent of persons or a legal entity’s representative or if the Company has legitimate interest to send direct marketing notices.

Data subjects’ rights and their implementation procedure

Every data subject has the following rights:

to access his/her personal data processed by the Company; to request correction of incorrect or inaccurate personal data;to request deletion of data; to request transfer of personal data; to disagree with personal data processing, provided they are processed on the basis of legitimate interest; to revoke given consents. To be able to exercise your rights, you have to send a written request email.  Email must be signed with a qualified electronic signature.

Upon receipt of your request, we can contact you back to certify your identity and prevent disclosure of your personal data to others. If you act on behalf of any other person, the Company has the right to check your empowerments and identity.

A reply to your request shall be given within one month. In certain cases, the Company may prolong the term of request examination for two more months, upon a notice to the person who submitted the request.

Contact details

If you have any other questions regarding personal data processing and protection, you can contact our Company by the contact details provided in Contacts section of this website.

You also have the right to apply to the State Data Protection Inspectorate (, which is responsible for supervision of legislation regulating personal data protection.